we pledge to:


The unnecessary processing and standardizing steps that inhibits higher quality milk – types from reaching the marketplace.


Dairy waste in a meaningful way through our dairy (Re)purpose program with local farmers and food banks.


A vibrant community among consumers, chefs, cooks/bakers and nutrition enthusiasts to share recipes & ideas for unstrained, creamy yogurt.


Fair trade with local farmers in communities where we give back to our
communities with better milk product.

Over the last four decades, “big dairy” has increasingly standardized milk production, flooding the
market with cheap, diluted milk at the expense of small farms and the rich, delicious milk they produce.

We’re here to unleash “better milk” to a generation who missed out on what dairy was like before
processing that made milk look and taste the same.

The Better Milk Movement starts with Orontes better milk yogurt.
And everything better that comes out of it.

This is not a 1% or 2% movement. We are wholeheartedly in.


We’re partnering with our manufacturer, Penn Dairy, and local organizations to fight Food Hunger, eliminate Food Waste, and to educate our local community members.

Primary Manufacture of Orontes Yogurt, supporting over 40+ local farms.

By sourcing our ingredients locally, we not only ensure the freshest and highest quality yogurt but also contribute to the sustainability of our community’s agricultural sector. 


We are dedicated to building partnerships with local farms like Hill View Dairy Farm. 

Through these collaborations, we are committed to delivering exceptional A2A2 milk sourced from nearby cows. 

Join us in supporting local agriculture and experiencing the unmatched quality of our dairy products. 

Providing Bucknell Students with Real-Life, Hands-On Experience in Marketing & Engineering Projects

Our projects provide our students with invaluable opportunities to develop essential skills and knowledge that prepare them for success in their future careers. 

Empowering Communities by Supporting Local Food Security in Pennsylvania.

We are dedicated to addressing food scarcity throughout the state of Pennsylvania by providing donations and supporting local food products.

 Join us in our mission to ensure that no one goes hungry in our communities. Together, we can make a difference.

We proudly partner with Lewisburg Studios to capture moments and create memories that will last for generations. Orontes has a story to tell, together, we’re capturing Orontes’ history, one frame at a time.

At Orontes, we believe in empowering individuals and recognizing their abilities as champions. That’s why we’re committed to supporting organizations like Clarity Prep through donations. 

Together, we can help others reach their full potential and achieve greatness.

Orontes is proud to support Camp Koala in their mission to provide essential tools and resources to grieving children.

 We believe in the importance of their work, which offers not only companionship but also a supportive environment for those who are navigating the difficult journey of grief.

We are proud to partner with Eat Share, to facilitate donations of our Orontes dairy products to those in need. Together we strive to make a meaningful difference in our community.